Automation is our passion

APEng GmbH is an independent planning and production company for tailor-made controls and software solutions.

Are you looking for the right control system for your new or existing machine?
Do you need a software solution for your system?

We plan, develop and produce customer-specific controls for machines and systems - economical and of high quality.
We have the know-how from years of experience in the demanding passenger transport and aircraft industries.
APEng uses reliable and available technologies in an innovative and goal-oriented manner.
We are happy to work out solutions with our customers and implement them reliably, taking into account timely
and cost-effective processing.

With quality and performance, APEng helps its customers to implement ideas successfully and in a targeted manner.
APEng is manufacturer-independent and selects the right partner for each project.

As an open and interested company, we use new technologies and are ready to take on new challenges.

APEng is based in Ennenda / GL and has partner companies in Switzerland and around the world.

APEng News


Jaderpark Germany

APEng GmbH commissions a new roller coaster for Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH in northern Germany

APEng projects worldwide